Journal Publication (Specific information will be updated)

The ISFT 2022 committee is pleased to announce that the ISFT will select the high quality paper to publish in one of the journals below.


  • ASEAN Journal of Management & Innovation (AJMI) e-ISSN 2351-0110.

  • RMUTSB Academic Journal (Science and Technology) ISSN: 2288-9638

  • RMUTSB Academic Journal (Humanities and Social Science) ISSN: 2465-5082

  • International Journal (Computer Technology and Information Systems) ISSN: 2229-0338


After selection of abstracts, the secretariat will send registration form and journal publication forms to each participants.

At this point, the presenter can choose whether to present their paper by oral / poster presentation and reply back with their full paper & forms before October 15th, 2021.

​​For each participants of ISFT 2012, there will be total of 4 options for paper publications.

Option 1: Publish in the proceeding conference of ISFT2022.

Option 2: Publish in the ASEAN Journal of Management & Innovation (AJMI), e-ISSN 2351-0110 within 4 to 12 months after the conference.

Option 3: Publish in RMUTSB Academic Journal (Regular issue) of 2022 (January - June 2022).

Option 4: International Journal of Applied Computer Technology and Information (ISSN: 2229-0338) (Regular issue) of 2021 (October - March 2022).

Please note that your paper will be automatically published on ISFT2022 proceedings if your paper is reject on those journals.

for more information and publication forms, please visit abstract submission or registration page