How to take the MRT train to the conference hotel?

1. From Suvarnabhumi airport you can take the Airport rail link to Makkasan station.
2. From Makkasan station please change the train to the
Blue line at Phetchaburi station, and take the MRT to Tao Poon station.
3. From Tao Poon station, please change to the purple line and take the MRT to Bang Krasor station (Please walk forward to the exit 4 to go the Richmond Stylist Hotel).
4. From the Richmond stylist Hotel to the conference hall, you can take the MRT at
Bang Krasor station to Phra Nang Klao Bridge station (only two stations).  Direct to the Exit 2 and turn right. Walk around 200 meters, and you will see the conference building at the left side.

You can down load the Bangkok MRT map here.

How to take a taxi to the conference hotel?
You can tell the taxi driver and show this detail in Thai.

โรงแรมริชมอนด์ สไตลิช คอนเวนชั่น
(Richmond Stylish Convention Hotel)

69/783-787 ถ.รัตนาธิเบศร์ ต.บางกระสอ, 11000, นนทบุรี
โทรศัพท์ 02 831 8888

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